Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wet Wednesday

It is really raining here today. Bummer. I'm staying in today and looking for work at home jobs. I found a site that is supposed to show you the scams, but who knows. I have tried and tried to think about my working outside the home and how it would work. I keep running into roadblocks when I think about it. How to not send Parker to daycare, how to have time with family, how to get to and from the job without spending too much on gas, etc. I just can't find the right solution yet. I know we are going to have to move to the city soon. Everything we do is there. We spend a lot of money and time going there each week. I said I would never live there again, but sometimes you just have to do what makes life easier. I get pretty bored here in this small town. There really isn't anything to do here. You have to drive 10-15 minutes just to get to a big grocery store. The store we usually shop at is in the city and that's a half hour away. I would love to just say, hey, I'm going to the store and have it only take 5 minutes to drive there. I'd like to move by this summer. I love summers here, but it would be a good time to move. I know I can still come back here all the time to visit. The other thing I'll miss here is the fact that most of my family lives over this way and that it just feels safer here. Oh well, I have to go with my gut and just do it. Bye bye country life, lol.

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