Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I hope...

I hope I'm not the only blogger that has a hard time thinking what to blog about.

I have a hard time thinking about what was interesting or important about my day. Not much went on for me today. I'll run down what went on.

Took Molly to school and dropped Parker off at the bus.
Went to Safeway and bought cat food. (so exciting!)
Came home, cleaned and played on the computer.
Got a call from Molly at school that she wasn't feeling well (she wasn't feeling that bad).
Picked Molly up and came home to make lunch.
Went to town to take Mom to the store.
Went to Kmart, Dollar store, Target and Thrift store with Mom.
Got a leap pad and books for 2.99 at thrift store, score!
Came home and told Bobby goodbye. He went bowling.
Made dinner-french toast for Molly and I, chicken nuggets and fries for Parker.
That's about it so far.

So now, what do I have to blog about?

I'll blog about each thing I did.
Dropped kids off at school:
Molly was fine when I dropped her off. Parker was happy and ready to ride the bus. I read him 3 books before the bus got there. He wants me to read to him before the bus gets there. Heaven forbid the bus gets there before us or just as we pull up. I have to read 90 miles an hour so he can at least have one book before he gets on the bus.

Went to the store to get cat food::
Nothing much happened in the store. I was in line behind my soon to be niece-in-law but I don't think she knows me well enough to recognise me.

Came home, cleaned and played on the computer:
Pretty much self explanatory

Got call to pick Molly up at school:
She was hoarse, had a small cough, but was fine. She said she was tired and felt a little sick. I brought her home, made her a bed on the couch, and put on a movie. Pretty soon she felt better and said she was more tired than anything. Because she was better I decided to go with Mom to run errands. (and take Molly of course)

Made lunch for us: S.E..

Took Mom to the store:
She was cranky, boy was it fun. It was nice to look in the stores, but that's about it. Molly took back her Easter dress that didn't fit. We got the same size in another dress and it fit. Go figure. I'm glad it did though, one more size and she'll be in juniors. She picked out a white lacy looking dress. It's pretty but I'm sure she'll only wear it once or twice. She has the same hole in her lip as I do.

Came home and told Bobby goodbye:
We kissed for like an hour and then he left.
Yeah right, lol. No, it was more like, "You're going bowling now? What did you have for dinner? Do you need gas? Love you, bye. "

Made dinner for myself and the kids:
You may notice that Parker didn't have the same dinner we did. That is how it is most nights. I think with most kids with autism, they are generally picky eaters. The only time Parker eats what we are eating is if it's pizza, McDonald's or taco's. It's so frustrating to me. His eating habits are so bad. He eats like a bag of goldfish crackers a day. He would live off them if I let him. He'll only eat the rainbow ones. The yellow ones taste the same but he won't touch them anymore. I was talking to my Mom about his eating today. She asked me if I thought he needed a vitamin. I said I thought he did, but how will I get it in him. He won't eat gummy anything or take any medicine. Heck, the boy will only eat about 4 different kinds of candy! Feeding a child with autism is hard. Molly, on the other hand, is a good eater and likes many things. She is fun to take out to eat. She especially likes seafood and Chinese food.

Well, now you see that most of my days are pretty boring. Here's hoping tomorrow is more exciting, in a good way.

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