Sunday, March 30, 2008

We went to a wedding yesterday.

Yesterday we went to our cousin Melissa's wedding. I was nervous all day because I didn't know how Parker would react. I really wanted to go, but I know he doesn't like parties very well. From the moment we pulled into the driveway Parker was saying he wanted to go home. I could barely get him out of the van and into the grange. The lights were dimmed and there were candles lit everywhere. He wasn't too sure of all that. He kept thinking the Easter Bunny or Santa was going to pop out of no where. I kept explaining what a wedding was, getting out his books and giving him some snacks. He decided he didn't want any of it and we went outside for the ceremony. It was freezing out there and windy. He didn't like that either. He kept saying he didn't like windy, lol. Finally Bobby came out and said that he could hear us inside. He gave us the keys to the van and we sat in there until the ceremony was over. It was hard, but we got him back inside. They had a banquet room that had the food in it, all lit up. He liked that and could run around a little. We kind of went back and forth all night. When he would get upset we'd go back in the banquet room and let him play. He wouldn't eat any of the food they had there. I packed him a juice box and goldfish crackers. That's all he would eat. The one thing he did love was snuggling with family and dancing. He loved dancing! He danced with his sister and all the other little girls. It was so cute. There was a point where the mother of the groom and the groom danced, that made me a little sad. It made me think that I may never be in the place with Parker. He may never get married. I guess I have to let go of my dreams in that aspect because that may not be his dream. It's just a little thought I had that made me sad. The wedding was beautiful and I'm glad we stayed for a while. Molly had her cousin stay over and they were really good. I'll try and post some pics but I'm having a hard time uploading them for some reason.

Here is Molly, her 2 cousins and a friend.
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My computer keeps kicking imageshack offline so I'll have to try and post more later.

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Marla said...

The wedding looks like a great time. Don't worry the future away. Lots of people with special challenges marry and have children.

You can watch Autism:The Musical online.

Watch it soon before they take it off line.