Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I love Molly's hamster

And its a good kind of love, lol! Sometimes I go into her room when she's not home and pick him up. (Fluffermuffin, that is) He is so sweet and cuddly! I don't even mind that blue shavings stick to his butt hairs. Did you know that you can now buy the color you want for hamster shavings. We've had pink and now blue. I think he likes the blue better. Molly knows how much I love her hamster. She likes to wrap him in a small blanket, with his head and front feet sticking out and bring him to me. She knows I can't help but smile when I see that sweet little face. We wrap him up sometimes when we hold him because he is always on the go. It's easier to hold him that way. It's also easier to kiss him that way. Yes, I kiss a pet hamster on the head. You just can't resist that little guy. Bobby and Parker don't see to feel the same way. Bobby calls him a rodent and Parker just pats him on the head, lol. Anyways, Molly and I share so many things in common, Fluffermuffin is one of our favorites!

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