Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday ramblings...

Today was a pretty nice day. Parker did better at school. I'm so glad. His teacher was really great about everything and told me how she handled it. I am so happy that he has her for a teacher this year.

He got his school pictures today. They are really cute but silly. He is in love with his class picture and wants me to keep telling him all his classmates names. He says they are his best friends in the whole wide world. I think that is so adorable! He was happy all through the grocery store, just looking at his class picture. He also got a chocolate chip cookie at the bakery and they are his favorite. It doesn't take much to make him happy. (Not to mention the 20 some truck pictures a day I have to draw for him. I really hope this is a phase).

Molly was really excited to go to camp today. I had a hard time leaving her after we helped her carry her stuff to the bus. I kept thinking I should have gave her one more hug or made sure she was ok. I wanted to call the school and talk to her before she left but Bobby re-assured me she would be fine. It was hard to resist it. She's fine, she's fine, I just have to keep repeating that.

Bobby is bowling his last game of this year. Well, he has one more next week, but that's the roll-off to see who wins the league. His team was in first for the first half. I'm excited for him because he is so happy about it.

I still keep thinking about getting a job if it will work out. Bobby and I are both unsure about it. My kids are such a powerful pull in my life that they will come first no matter where I worked.

I'm thinking about putting my lighter quilt on my bed since it's getting warmer. I really love my heavy one so it's a hard decision, lol. Right now I can't handle any decision, lol.

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