Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I hate mornings............

This morning really stunk. I didn't get much sleep last night so I woke up tired. My neck is really hurting.

Molly said I should keep them home today since I didn't feel good. Haha! That would really help. That got Parker all worked up about staying home. I told him no and told Molly she would have to do chores the next time she talked about staying home in front of Parker.

Once I got Parker to school I realized I forgot his library book. Today is library day and he really looks forward to it. I had to go home and search through all his books to find it.

After I dropped it off I realized I needed to buy eggs for the kids to decorate on Friday. I wanted to get them today because I know by the end of the week they will be expensive. (I know, I put it off last year). I also had to buy cat litter because we didn't keep up on sifting the litter box. Someone is protesting by peeing next to the box. Fun fun, I get to clean the litter boxes today.

Since I was bring Parker his library book, that made me think of the other library books. I rounded them all up and took them back. We have got to stop going twice without bringing them back. I had to return like 30 books. Good thing they weren't late. I told Parker we might go after school, but he's always ticked that we don't go to the big library. It's like 20 minutes away and I already have to drive by there later tonight. Tonight is my parents of kids with autism group I go to.

Anyways, I got home and put the eggs away. Oops, I forgot that I asked Bobby to get eggs on Sunday. I guess we'll be eating eggs for a while.

I think the kids and I are going to make sugar cookies today. We need to hurry because the Easter m&m's are disappearing fast, lol.

I hope everyone has a nice day.


kristi said...

I bought eggs over the weekend!!

Betsy Brock said...

I see omelettes in your future!