Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a morning! (May not be for those of you with weak stomach's)

This morning I was in a huge hurry. The night before I had everything set out so we could get everyone ready early and to school early. I had to be somewhere at 8:45 and had to drive about 25 minutes. I was thinking we were making good time until I saw Parker standing by the computer.

Then I smelled him at the computer! He had pooped in his underwear! It was not solid! It was awful. I had to use like 30 wipes and most of it fell on the floor in the bathroom. As I was cleaning it up and Parker up, Parker was gagging. I was trying to hurry as fast as I could. Then I got him into the living room for a second look. I had missed his feet and legs. How does it get there?

So I get him cleaned up and I'm rushing around even faster. I go to get my shoes on and saw something on my pant leg. Any guesses to what it was? Yeah, that's it. I yelled to Molly to get me another plastic bag because I didn't have time to change my pants. I had to use a ton of wipes to clean it up and then a couple of rags. Even though it was just a small spot, it was gross!

Molly was appalled that I would go out that way. I needed to go to this appointment. It took me forever to get. It helps you with your utilities and can weatherise your house.

Luckily I got the kids to school on time and made it to my appointment. I kept worrying that I smelled the whole time. I kept spraying perfume on my leg in the car, lol.

I got through that and then went to visit my sister at work. It was nice seeing her. I made her smell me before I left. She sprayed my leg with her perfume as I was leaving, lol.

Then I went to meet someone from They had responded to my ad I placed before about wanting a costume for Parker. They had a Power Rangers costume with gloves, a batman mask, spider man gloves and a spider man cape. That was so nice of them! He still wants a Spider man costume but I think Kristi might be helping us out. (So sweet of her!)

My day was crazy. I had a ton of laundry and dishes to do when I got home. Between Parker and Jack, my house was a disaster.

Speaking of Jack. Giving him a bath wasn't my smartest idea. First we tried it in the sink. Would have been smart of me to remove the clean dishes from the strainer first. Of course when he jumped out of the sink he landed on the clean dishes.

Next we tried the tub. I thought that a couple good dunks would at least get him partially clean. He freaked and ripped my shower curtain. Poor guy. He was fine, and we did get him somewhat cleaner. He was pretty scared after that. We dried him off and he went and hid. He's back to his old self today, and pretty clean.

That's my crazy day. I'm still doing dishes and laundry. What a day!


Michelle said...

lmao, no weak stomach here, you made me laugh out loud! I'm sorry you had such a crazy day...go get yourself a new shower curtain and take a nice hot bubble bath! You deserve it!!!

kristi said...

Gosh girl! We have had the throw ups where I had to clean TC, floors, etc... So I know how you feel.

The costume should be to you anyday now, I mailed it Monday from TX.

Bobbi said...

Thanks so much Kristi. That was so so nice of you! Soccer Mom, I never did get a bath. I'm kind of scared of that bathroom now, lol.

Dave Keating Photography said...

I'm still laughing. You are going to have to write a book someday.

mommy~dearest said...

OMG- that certainly was quite a morning! Go back to bed!!

Marshella said...

Hey - I can relate. Two accidents at school today and I had to clean him up. Long story, will blog it tomorrow. BUT the point is, you are NOT alone!!

He looks great in his costumes.