Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm missing my brother tonight...

(I stole this pic from his myspace!)
My Mom talked to him on the phone today while I was there. It made me sad to think he wouldn't be here on Easter. He is such a fun guy, we all miss him so much. He moved around Christmas and I haven't seen him since. He's only moved about 4 hours away, I need to go see him.

He is the kind of guy everyone likes. He has tons of funny stories. He is a big jokester. Parker really likes him and he always buys him the best gifts. I hope they change their minds and move back. I know he is happy where he is at so I guess I shouldn't be so selfish. He is with a really great girl who has 4 really great kids.

Oh well, enough whining. I'm sure he'll be back to visit soon.

I hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow. We are going to the Elks lodge where my other sister belongs. They are having an Easter party for the kids. Parker doesn't really want to go but I think it's because last weekend there were a ton of people. This time there won't be so many.


Ronda said...

I miss him too. I know what you mean, I'm glad they are happy but I want to be a little selfish and have them back here too. Who knows what will happen in the future right. I can't wait to see him this month. You really need to go visit, they will make your visit so fun.

Anonymous said...

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