Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our weekend

Friday we didn't do much. Parker did not like that it all. He hates staying home. He's happy to even go to the store, that's how boring it's been lately.

Saturday we took the kids to an Easter party that raises money for the hospital. We got donated tickets from my brother in law. It was awesome. We took Molly's friend with us. It's always more fun for older kids when they get to bring a friend. We ate, played games and did a raffle. I didn't win anything, boo hoo. Spider-man, Batman, Elmo, the tooth fairy (my niece) and the Easter bunny were there. Parker was in HEAVEN! He used to be scared of people in costumes, but not anymore. He loves them. Even when we were leaving he said to Elmo, "Elmo, give me a hug". He gave Elmo the biggest hug. In his plastic egg he found a gold coin. He got to turn it in for a chocolate bunny. That made him happy. Molly got a chocolate bunny and a t-shirt for raising money for the hospital. My sister works for the foundation so Molly has an in, lol. She was there taking tickets, my niece was the tooth fairy and my brother in law was the photographer. Also my other sister was there talking on the microphone or something. My Mom volunteered too. It seemed like a family event, lol.

Parker was an angel at the Easter party. He only whined a little when we had to wait. He wasn't scared, he wasn't yelling or running around, he was just being a good boy. I was so proud of him and thought he came so far. I saw a lady I knew there, who has a child with autism. She didn't bring him. It must be too much for him. Sometimes though, you just have to try things out. We've went to this Easter party 2 years in a row and this is the first time I have taken Parker and I'm so glad I did.

Today we did yard work. The landlord put up a fence around our back yard for Parker's safety. That way he can play back there and I don't have to stay with him every minute. We put a little toy kitchen in the back and the kids had a ball today. I pulled weeds, Bobby pulled out an old tree, Molly hauled weeds and Parker instructed everyone. We want to get our yard nice for summer. My sister gave me some good ideas on what to do back there. Speaking of my sister, we got a nice treat and she came over. We watched a movie, ate lunch and hung out in the back yard. The kids are always so happy when she comes.

Tonight Molly graciously shared her bath with Parker. She knows he wanted to get in and was disappointed when I told him it was her bath. She is so thoughtful that way. Always wanting to make him happy any way she can. They actually had a great time. I know they are getting older, but they are still very innocent. It was really sweet.

Tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to do. I also need to get back on the housework bandwagon. I have a neglected desk and dining room table to attend to.


Betsy Brock said...

How fun! So glad Parker had fun and enjoyed himself...that way you got to enjoy yourself, too! :)

kristi said...

My nosey boss asked me did my kids still bathe together? I told her no, but they do sometimes. Not really her business anyways.

I am glad you all had fun at the party!

Mary (MPJ) said...

So glad that everyone had fun at the party. That sounds great.

I wanted to drop by an say thanks for dropping by my blog and for linking to me. It's nice to get a chance to get to know you!