Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday ramblings...

I'm at the library again. Molly and her cousin Shelby are looking at books while I post this blog. This is one of the few times that I have came to this particular library without Parker. I felt bad for not taking him, but I was going to come alone. Molly and Shelby are old enough to be on their own looking at books. Parker is very demanding at the library and obviously I can't leave him alone.

Parker has been doing really well lately and loving school. He even asked when he got to go back over the weekend. We've been pretty boring lately. Today his teacher had a talk with him about touching people inappropriately. I guess he's been hugging on and trying to hold hands with a boy he wants to be his friend. Poor guy, he doesn't know the difference between hugging friends and hugging family. The kid he is hugging so much is really nice and just lets him, but you can tell it bothers him, the teacher says.

That kind of stuff seems hard to teach.

Molly has been doing well. She got back from her camping trip and had a great time. One of the parents there said how nice and polite she was. That always makes me feel good.

A funny thing happened yesterday. Molly brought our adult neighbor over to see her hamster. She didn't even warn us, she just brought her in and told us she was taking her to see the hamster. (I want to wring her neck when she does this!) She didn't even give me time to clean up or anything. Anyways, on the coffee table next to me was what looked like 3 beers or alcoholic drinks. I don't drink at all so I thought it was pretty funny. Earlier I had made me ice tea and it was in a water bottle. Next to that was 2 glasses of cream soda that Molly and I had been drinking. It looked like I really boozed it up with those 3 glasses full of brownish liquid. I made sure and told her what it was, lol.

Parker is always so talkative in the grocery store. Today I took him to buy a couple things and he was so excited. He kept naming all the food and talking about it. I bet the clerks have never seen a kid have so much to say about banana's and bagels, lol. He was just chatting away. He saw an older man in line behind us and said, "You look like you go to my Nana's house". It was so cute and funny. I've never seen the guy before in my life so I don't know who he was talking about, not to mention we were not in the same town she lives in. He just kept talking away to the guy. I don't even think the guy could hear him. I finally had to divert his attention back to the groceries, lol. He is such a cute, funny guy.

While I'm bragging about my cutie pie, I need to brag about Molly. I was looking at a packet of her work she brought home and I saw all these 100%'s in spelling. I asked her, did you study for these tests, cause I didn't see you do it? She said no, she just writes them all 5x at the beginging of the week, never looks at them again and gets them all right on Friday. Where is this girl getting her brains from? It must be Bobby because I had to study forever to even get an ok grade. I'm really proud of her.

That's about it. Nothing new with me, same old same old. Everyone have a great week!


kristi said...

Good...that Molly is too smart and Parker sure is friendly!

Fred said...

Hi Bobbi...here via the Black Box. I'm a regular follower of an autism blog and I thought it was cool the way the BB sent me to another one.

I'll take some time and read your posts, thanks for allowing me to visit!

Bobbi said...

Thanks, both of you!

Betsy Brock said...

Hi...stopped by to wish you a Happy Mother's day! Hope it was a nice one for you!