Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank you Kristi & TC and The slideshow below

Thank you Kristi and TC for the Spiderman costume for Parker! He was so excited! He jumped all the way to the car when I told him he had a package! He tore it open and was so excited. All the way home he kept saying, "What did I get in the mail?" and he wanted me to say, "A package with a Spiderman costume". He's wearing it as we speak. I know he's going to have to use the bathroom soon and it's going to be hard to get it off him! Thank you so much! I posted some pics below of him wearing it today! You are so sweet!


Sandi said...

That's awesome. He looks so cute in it. I had a costume but it's small, only a size 5. C-dub is just a little fella, plus he has no butt, so all of his clothes run on the big side!

Holly said...

oh how nice. My son would've been all over that costume... loves superheros (even at 14)!!!

Ronda said...

He's too cute, is he going to wear it tomorrow to the Peter Cottontail Event? He should they would love it.