Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why does he have to grow?!!!

Parker is getting so big. With his getting bigger comes new issues. He wants to still do all the little kid stuff he used to do, but his size isn't allowing for some things.

He wants us to wrestle him but he is almost as strong as me. He weighs 74 pounds and is getting tall. He has no boundaries when it comes to wrestling and someone usually ends up getting hurt. Right now my neck is killing me from wrestling him a little. You'll try and hug him or something, and he'll kind of pull away and hang, wrenching your neck.

He wants to fit in the shopping carts at the mall and Safeway. They are meant for little kids and he is almost too big for all of them.

He wants to wear things that are meant for little kids. We just bought him some underwear with the Hulk on them and they barely fit him. He is going to have to move on to the plain underwear.

He wants to be carried sometimes. I love him and love to carry him. He's just too big now and it kills me to do it. I hold him sitting down but that's about all I can do without being in pain afterwards.

Those are just a few examples. I think maturity wise and maybe even mentally, he seems a lot younger than he is. He is a little guy in a big guys body.

I am going to have to work on new outlets for his wrestling and rough housing. We are going to have to get him something like a punching toy or a trampoline to get out his energy. We are going to have to make rules clear about jumping on people and play hitting. We are going to have to find ways to still have fun but also be safer.

I have such a hard time with this. I want to hold him and hug him and kiss him. He wants to play, and wrestle and get away. Only when he is sick, upset or really tired can I hold him without him jumping or bucking. It's sad for me. Sometimes I even try and hold Molly, lol. At least she will sit still. Molly hated getting bigger also. She even now wishes she could do things that small kids can do. I know I can't keep my kids little but I wish I could.

So here I sit with a hurting neck and a heavy heart. My kids are growing by the minute and I can't stop them. I know this, but it is so hard on me. Somebody, get me something to hug, Bobby is getting tired of it, lol!


kristi said...

Girl I know how you feel. TC is 80 pounds and he wears me out! The trampoline is a great idea!!! I found TC a mini one for under $30 online. We also have a big one outside!

Ronda said...

I can fix the underwear thing for you, I can make him little boy underwear with big boy ones. Just let me know what size he wears ok. I know he likes spiderman and Hulk, but who else? Poor little guy :)

Bobbi said...

Ronda, that is so sweet of you! He wears about a 10 in boys. He likes Spiderman, Hulk, Bob the builder, Trucks, Ninja Turtles, and just about any other boy thing.