Monday, December 8, 2008

Parker woke up sick..

Poor little guy. He's been throwing up all morning. I have his IEP this afternoon. I hope Bobby can get off a little early so I can make it on time. This is not what I wanted for my morning. This is not what he wanted either of course. Poor baby. His stomach gets really sensitive after he gets sick and he won't eat for quite a while. Right now his mouth is all dry and I'm going to try and get him to drink a tiny sip. I pray that it doesn't last for days like it did the last time he got really really sick. We took him to the er last time because he was getting dehydrated. I so hope this isn't like last time. He seems content for the moment, so here's hoping he got whatever it was out of his system. I'm not usually that lucky though, lol.


Jen - Queen of Poo said...

aw, poor thing. I have one who doesn't eat when she gets sick, and she makes herself even sicker. A little cold can turn into something big. I hope you can get some soup or something into Parker.

Mandy said...

ahh poor parker...i hope he feels better...let me know if you need anything....ttyl