Monday, December 15, 2008

A letter to my family; "Say Hello to Mr. Cup."

Dear family,

I would like you all to say hello to Mr. Cup. Mr. Cup will be with you for the day, each day. I would like you to keep Mr. cup with you, no matter what you drink. Choose wisely when you pick your Mr. Cup as he will be with you all day. You will be using him and only him all day for your beverages. What you say, what if I need to drink something else? Well, Mr. Cup can be rinsed out and you can use him again. I am introducing Mr. Cup because all of us, including myself, have been using like 5 cups a day. When I look at my counter that was clean on Saturday, I now see lots of dishes, but mostly cups. So, from now on I want you to try and use only 1 cup a day. Please give your poor mother a break from washing cups!


Anonymous said...

Hi, love this post... boy brings back memories. My sons would go through so many cups during a day! At the end of the day I had so many extra dishes to do! Those times are gone...... miss the boys... not the
Blessings Debylin

Momzoo said...


I need to read this to my kids.