Monday, December 15, 2008

Our outing to the snow

We had such a nice time in the snow yesterday! We went with my sister Ronda and my brother in law Dave.

We were afraid there wouldn't be much snow, but there was tons. We even saw a few people we knew up there.

It was super cold. We were pretty oakey too, since we don't go to the snow much. We used a cardboard box, a plastic tub lid and a laundry basket for a sled. We also used socks for gloves for Parker since he only had one pair of gloves to use. He went through two pairs of socks and one pair of gloves. I have got to get him mittens. (Next week we are buying mittens and a sled so we can go again)

We all had on like 3 layers of clothes. The only ones that stayed dry were Bobby, Ronda and Dave. Parker loved falling in the snow, so of course he got wet. Molly fell down accidently and got wet and I fell down on my own, lol. I tried to show Parker how to make a snow angel but the snow wasn't thick enough in the spot we were in. When I had him lay down and move his arms, he moved them in the air, lol.

Bobby built a snowman and so did Ronda and Dave. I helped Bobby with the face and decorations. Molly didn't get a chance to build one because she was working on something else, and boy was she mad.

The kids and I had a good time trying out our make shift sleds. The only one that really worked was the laundry basket. Molly and Parker enjoyed that. I got so tired walking up and down the hill with them. Whew. I let Bobby take over after a while. That's also when I slipped and fell. Fun fun.

Finally Parkers little hands and face were getting too cold. He wanted to get in the car. We had been out quite a while so I said we should probably go.

Molly threw an all out fit. She was really ticked that she didn't get to make a snowman. We would have stayed in the car and let her if she hadn't thrown such a fit. We also played a nice rousing game of "Parker ruins everything!" game with her. It's my all time favorite. Needless to say her mouth got her grounded today with chores.

She was fine once we got her home and into a nice bath.

Afterwards my sister helped me with my problem shelf. It looks so much better. Later Molly and I put the ornaments on the tree. We couldn't put many on, though, because it's in a corner and you can't really get to the back.

Here are a few pics....
The kids in the snow.

Our snowman, lol. Notice the kids wrestling in the background.

Family in the snow.

My sister Ronda, bil Dave, and their dogs Scotty and Angel.

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Maddy said...

Problem shelf? You mean you only have one?

Yes, it's so hard to balance everyone's needs but frozen fingers have to win out.

Best wishes