Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sweet Sunday (warning, long and sappy)

Today was a nice relaxing day. We did have some work, but not much. The work part was cleaning up the yard from the yard sale. That was a chore. Later, Molly and I worked on the pinata. This should have taken 3 days, but I keep getting lazy about it. I feel like a bad Mom, she stopped wanting to work on it after a while. I was trying to make it just right, instead of letting her do it the way she wanted. She said she wanted to play with her friend, but I'm not sure. She said she wants me to put the crepe paper on so it will look nicer. I should have been more patient. I told her if she wants me to do the crepe paper, I'll let her make the little flowers that go on it.

We mostly just watched t.v. and hung out today. I tried to teach Parker how to play Chutes and Ladders, Connect 4, and Lets go fishing. He had a lot of fun, but really wouldn't follow directions. I think he liked Connect 4 the best! He loved it when we let them fall out of the bottom.

Later Bobby went to visit his uncle. The kids and I just hung out until Molly got out the dress up stuff. She even had Parker put on a dress. What a nut. I got a picture though. Then I got hot and sat on the front porch for a while. The kids were still dressing up and came out in their dress up stuff. Molly had on a scary alien mask and Parker had on a pirate costume. We kept cracking up about the alien mask because Molly was putting a leaf in it's mouth or sticking her finger out it's mouth like a tongue. It was really funny. We laughed a lot. Then we got the idea to ring the neighbors doorbell and scare her. Her daughter answered the door and thought it was pretty funny. I guess she wasn't too scary with a half naked pirate by her side!

We sat on the porch for a long time. Molly said she had so much fun. It's funny how something so little can be so fun to her.

Last night I was getting sentimental and thinking about the day Parker was born. What a wonderful day that was. 2 days after he was born was really one of the best days of my life and I think of that day often. I had just had a lot of company at the hospital. Bobby's aunt brought me some shower gel and body spray that smelled so good. I was happy because I knew I finally got to take a shower that day. Also Bobby and Molly had came and said what a great day they had had together. He totally spoiled her. So, I took my shower and it felt so good after not taking one for a couple days. (c-section) I was in my own clothes, smelling good and clean and relaxed. Parker was hungry so I fed him and he fell asleep in my arms. The sun was out, and I felt so sleepy. I lay there in bed, feeling like I was in heaven, holding my little boy I had been waiting for and went to sleep. (I wonder if the pain meds added to my bliss, lol) I swear it is the best memory I ever had.

Not that Molly's birth wasn't as special to me. I was so happy to have her and I wanted a girl so bad! She was the most beautiful baby I had every laid eyes on. I was just really afraid of everything since she was my first. After I had her by c-section I was in a lot of pain and feeling really sick to my stomach. I had a hard recovery with her because I was scared of the pain and wouldnt walk around much. Then she was colicky and I got pneumonia. By the time Parker came along, it had been 4 years past and I felt more ready for a baby. I had tried for him for a long time and had 2 miscarriages. I really wanted a little boy this time, more than anything. Actually, more than anything, I wanted a baby. Him being a boy was a bonus. I remember the first time I saw his heartbeat on the screen. I cried because before I hadn't seen a heartbeat with my miscarriages. Then the Dr. showed me how he was moving around. I was happy beyond words. At that point I felt this pregnancy would last. Then later, when I was around 6 months along, I had another ultra sound. I wanted a boy so badly. When the tech said it was a boy, Molly immediately said, "NO!". It was really funny. I was so happy! Molly had really wanted a sister but I wanted a boy. I am so lucky to have one of each. I wanted a girl with my first and a boy with my second. How lucky am I!

Sorry about the long trip down memory lane. I just wanted to post about it after thinking about it so much last night. I wonder why that was on my mind? Oh yeah, because I was all sweaty and sunburned from the yard sale and the shower made me feel so much better. Oh well, lol, at least I got good thoughts out of it. Everyone have a great Monday!

pps: Sorry to everyone who read this earlier. I cut and pasted wrong and it didn't make sence. I re-read it and was like, what? I fixed it, lol.


Shannon said...

I don't mind post about memory lane. :) I think birth stories are special.


Bobbi said...

Shannon, did you notice where it was all messed up, lol? When I first posted it, I noticed some of what I wrote was missing. Then I had to retype it. I didn't realize that i had somehow cut and pasted some of it somewhere else.

Shannon said...

No, I didn't notice! lol!! I guess while I was reading I was remembering my own kids births. That's funny!!

I'll reread my own post a couple times a day and fix little boo-boos. While I'm writing I'm listening for the kids or whatnot. :D

Don't worry. It wasn't a major boo-boo anyway. :)


melody is slurping life said...

Yay for the end of the yard sale. :)

Trips down someone else's memory lane always makes me so sappy and introspective. Enjoyed yours.

Julie said...

Memory lane trips are great! And birth stories are extra special! :)

kristi said...

Our stories sound so similar. I had a hard time after having sara but was up pretty quickly after having TC. I felt wonderful! I also had 2 c-sections.