Monday, August 11, 2008

Long day....

Today seemed to drag on, mostly because I'm tired, I think. Last night Bobby and I fell asleep on the recliners. We woke up around 1:00am. I had two cats on me, making me all sweaty. I took a shower at one in the morning. Then Parker decided he would wake up early today. Normally he sleeps in a little longer. So, I've been dragging today.

One nice thing was that Molly and I started to make her pinata for her birthday party with paper mache. We only have one layer on right now. We are going to try and make it look like a tea pot. I think this will be a really neat birthday for her because we are making everything ourselves.

After Bobby got home I went to the store. It was nice to go with just Molly, besides the fact that she asked for everything. Why do kids always have to do that? We got stuff for Bobby to make chili cheese burritos, yum yum! We also have chips and artichoke dip.

I will be really glad when bedtime comes around. Parker was a little cranky today too. Maybe the fair wore us out on Sunday. Oh well, I think I'll convince Bobby to play some rummy after dinner. I hope everyone had a nice day!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pinata! You should be taking pictures of it step-by-step or day by day! I want to see! Wow!

I love rummy! :)


Maddy said...

Ooo I've not played rummy for eons! My daughter's like that = go to store and buy everything that's not nailed down!

Bobbi said...

Shannon, I will. I took a pic of yesterdays already. Don't expect alot, lol, I've never made one before.