Monday, August 4, 2008

A couple things...

Yesterday, I, Molly, my sister and her husband and my nephew all went to see "Kung Foo Panda". It was so cute and funny! I really loved the backgrounds. It was really pretty to watch. Afterwards Molly and I did a little grocery shopping. That Jeep has so much room in the back! I was so excited to see how much I could fit in there, lol. Molly and I also went to Micheal's and looked around. I swear, I could live in that store. I saw so many projects I want to do by myself and with the kids. I also saw some Halloween and even a few Christmas decorations, can you believe that?! Oh yeah, we also stopped at my sisters house afterwards and picked up a couple movies she bought for Parker and some clothes for Molly that my niece didn't want anymore. Molly was in heaven and most of the jeans fit her! Yay! Less clothes for school shopping for me! She gave her some little purses too. That girl is going to need a box for purses like I have. I only let her take 3 because she doesn't need that much. I took one that I liked. My niece Mandy is so nice that way. She's always thinking of Molly.

Today we are kind of going slow. I've been doing housework and stuff, but just kind of being lazy. I think the kids and I might go for a ride soon. I'm not sure where we will go, but you never know. At 1:00 Parker has aba and at 2:30 Molly has swimming. It kind of makes it hard to be gone for too long. I have to make a hair appointment with my niece for Molly on Friday. I'm letting her dye the ends of her hair pink. It's mostly for the concert but also just for fun. I'm going to probably have her cut it off before school. She wants her hair shorter anyways, so it won't ruin her hair. I know, she's kind of young for that, but it will be cute.

This is going to be a pretty busy week. I have a wedding on Friday evening to go to and then Molly will be in her talent contest on Saturday night. She is pretty excited about it. She will be second, so that kind of stinks. People will forget about her after all the other people. Oh well, it's just for fun anyways. I'll take lots of pictures.

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Anonymous said...

You must take a picture of Molly when she gets those pink tips in her hair! My daughter had pink hair once, it wasn't just tips either! :o

I hope she does well in the contest!