Saturday, August 30, 2008

It rained last night...

I just looooove the first couple of rains. They are so nice and relaxing!

In other news, lol, Parker lost a second tooth. Again, we didn't find it. I hope I don't find it later when I'm changing him, ewwww! The tooth fairy brought him some dollar store toys because he isn't into money. He seemed to really like them.

We are going to a wedding today without kids, yay! It should be really nice. It's my niece Jade that's getting married. I'm so happy for her that she found such a nice guy. The bummer part is that she is moving away. Not too far I guess, but still far.

I finally either got or ordered all my school books. Whew! I'm relieved! Why are those books so expensive! And boring, lol!

I'm looking forward to Molly going to school on Tuesday. I'm excited to see how she likes the 5th grade and for some peace and quiet for me. Parker is going to have to miss school on Tuesday already, which is a bummer. We took the Jeep in to have it fixed from where the lady hit me a couple weeks ago. We were supposed to have it back yesterday but there was some paint damage they wanted to fix. They said if we didn't fix it, it would rust. So, I wait until Tuesday night. Bummer. Oh well, it could be worse. I could have to miss one of my classes.

That's about it for an update! Everyone enjoy their nice long weekend!


Bonnie said...

Bobbi, enjoy your alone time at the wedding! I love those, not only family fun but sort of a free night out!

I love when it rains too by the way, but it hasn't here at all!

I added you to my blogroll!

danette said...

Both of my twins lost their first lost teeth also, they managed to hold on to their second ones though :).

Have fun at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been wondering how you've been! What are you going to school for? Have fun at the wedding!

Bobbi said...

Julie, I'm mostly only taking computer classes. I'm going to get my payroll clerk certificate or something like that.

Anonymous said...

ok! I was just curious! Good luck!