Sunday, February 10, 2008

What we actually did....

I ended up taking Mollys friend with us. Molly says she never gets to go anywhere so we took her. Honestly, they don't go many places. I'd go stir crazy. First we went to the car wash. The kids thought that was great. Silly kids. Then we went to the zoo. It wasn't that good because we had to wait for like a half hour for our lunch. Then Parker was kind of cranky and was afriad of animal noises. After that I surprised them and took them to the carasel. The guy let them ride as much as they wanted. They all loved it, even Parker. Then I took them to a toy store that has toys to play on. We didn't buy anything, but they liked playing. Afterwards we went to Michaels. I was looking for some valentine decorations but didn't get any. Instead I got a small book bag and some letters and paint to decorate it with. After we went to the grocery store and did a little shopping. Then we stopped at my Mom's house for a minute. The kids had a nice time there and played with the toys they keep there. After that I was so tired. We dropped the friend off, ate dinner and then played some rummy until bedtime. Phew, what a day.

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