Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The kindness of strangers!

Today someone who didn't know us did something very nice for us. First off most of you know that Parker is obsessed with Monster trucks. He loves them. Lately though, he's been afraid of the helmet that one of the drivers wear. The monster truck is called "Big Dummy" and the driver is Frank Schettini. He wears a helmet that looks like the face of a crash test dummy. He also is a guy on one of Parker's favorite video's, "There goes a monster truck". I tried to tell Parker that there is a guy inside the helmet and that he takes it off when he goes home but he was still afraid. He kept saying, "Big dummy mask is far away". He even woke up this morning having a night mare about it. He has many books of monster trucks and with his last new monster truck book I had to tear out the page that had the monster truck driver on it wearing his helmet. Parker even wears an old army Halloween costume mask that he calls his big dummy mask. He is really trying to help himself deal with the fear. After him waking up at 4:30 am and requesting the movie with him in it and talking about "Big Dummy" all the way to school, I decided I might have to try and find a way to help him more. I found a site where I could email the monster truck driver "Frank Schettini" and told him about Parker's fear. I asked if he had any photos of him taking the helmet off or anything. Can you believe he went out to his truck with his mask and took a picture of him holding the mask next to him and pointing to it. That was so awesome of him!!!!! Parker is going to love it and I know it will make him feel a lot better! What a nice guy! He said in the email, "Good thing I still have that helmet". I think he drives another truck now called Monster Jerky.

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rondamarie said...

That is the neatest thing in the world, I'm glad I heard some good news today. It was a hard day.