Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A new day

Today I hope to get a lot of things accomplished. Yesterday I cleaned the house pretty well but today I want to vacuum, mop and declutter. It is actually kind of overwhelming. I'm not happy unless my house is pretty clean though. I need to get it done. It's pretty gloomy out today. I'm thinking it's going to rain. The weather has been so nice but now this week all looks like rain. Parker has only one teacher coming today, that's nice. I think Molly, Parker and I will spend some family time today. Maybe some play dough and things like that. I stayed up too late last night and I'm really regretting it. Yikes! Parker is watching Elmo. It is so much better than all the truck movies I usually have to watch, lol! Well, my day is pretty boring. I think cleaning and playing will be the extent of it.

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