Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Friday!


It's been a busy week. I'll be glad to get some down time. I heard a lot of good things about Parker today. It makes me feel so good that he's progressing so fast. Today I went to the dollar store and got the kids some craft things. I think we'll make things tonight. The babysitter cancelled because Parker has a snotty nose. She just got over being sick and she doesn't want to get sick again. I don't blame her, she was sick for about 2 weeks. That puts a damper in our plans so we'll just stay home and do crafts. My hair turned out really great. Mandy did such a good job. It's so natural looking, that most people didn't even notice that much. I might have her highlight it some more next time. Well, that's my boring life for tonight.

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