Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday schedule

Ok. How boring is my life. I'm posting my schedule for today. Here are my hopeful plans for today. I want to take the kids to the zoo. Gather up my library books. Finish my laundry, do dishes and vaccume. Get Molly to clean her room. Do a little grocery shopping. Rent a movie. Wash the van. Wow, what a life I have, lol. You know what though, all of those things make me happy. Poor Parker has a cold today. He even has a scratchy voice. It's so sad when he's sick. He is such a tough guy though. I bought him a monster truck book last night so he's been watching his monster truck videos today. We had sort of a Mom/son night last night. We rented a cool firetruck stroller at the mall, played video games, played at the play place, bought a new book and ate at McDonalds. Molly was at a friends house. That's about it for the day.


rondamarie said...

Your such a good mom to both of your kids and Bobby and a good dad. Your kids are lucky to have you both. I'm very proud of you. I'll see you at church tomorrow night, I hope you all have a good night and that Parker gets feeling better soon. Tell Molly I'm proud of her that she's been trying so hard on her room. Ronda

rondamarie said...

I meant to say and Bobby is a good dad. I guess my head is a little foggy.

Pearlie said...

Interesting to know.