Saturday, February 23, 2008

The lengths I will go to for my children

I told Bobby we would meet him at Safeway in Eureka yesterday. I told Parker that he would finally get to ride on the little truck they have in front of the store. He was really excited. What I didn't plan on was that it had been raining. He was so upset that it was all wet. He hates being wet to the extent that he will take his clothes off if he gets a drop of water on them. I did the only thing a helpless mother could do. I went into Safeway and bought a roll of paper towels to dry the truck off with. He had been so looking forward to riding it. We used almost the whole roll and got some funny looks, but in the end, he was happy. Here is a pic of him riding in the truck.

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By mollyalexis at 2008-02-23

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