Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Thursday

I'm trying to think of what to post. Hmmmm.... Yesterday we hung out with my Mom. We went to Target and stuff. Mom bought Parker two monster trucks from Burger king because they come in happy meals now. He was in pure heaven. They are small and he calls them baby monster trucks. I'm looking forward to tomorrow because we have respite for Parker. I love the we get to go out on our own! Last night we stayed up until 11pm playing rummy. Bobby kept beating me and I wanted to go to bed winning one! I never did win so I just gave up. He better look out today. I'm out for revenge. You want to know something weird, 3 games in a row I got a hand of three 2's. Strange......... Today Parker and I are going to Safeway while Molly is at her aunts house. How exciting, lol. Guess that's about it for the day.

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