Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ok, I'm posting like crazy today

Well today is my first day of posting on here. The kids are in bed and I have a minute to myself. Tomorrow morning I have an appt. with my therapist. I've only seen her a couple times but I really like her. It's nice just having someone listen to you and agree with you for a full hour, lol. We talk about what's going on in my life right now, with Parker's autism, etc. She works under another therapist and we meet in her office. I have never seen an office like this one before. It has shelves of kids toys and figurines. Mostly small toys. They are all lined up nice and neat and by shape and size. There is a large sandbox and lots of stuffed animals. There is a big leather couch with fluffy pillows and lots of plants. I wish the therapist would be called away for a while so I could just play in there! It looks like so much fun. I'm not too old to play in the sand. I wouldn't know how to put everything back though. It looks pretty anal, lol. My therapist is related to a woman, daughter and exchange student that got murdered in Yosemite a few years ago. The family is from our county. Every time I hear her name I think of them. What that family must have gone through. I read a book about it and it was really sad.
Tomorrow I'm also going to meet Bobby for lunch. I can't even imagine how I got such a great husband. He is just the guy of my dreams. We have so much fun together and I can tell him anything. He is much more calm and understanding then I am, but he's teaching me. Heck, this week he will be gone three nights having fun while I'm at home. It's weird, it just ended up that way. He lets me go do stuff whenever I want to. Tomorrow my niece is going to highlight my hair. I'm excited. She does such a great job at whatever she does. I'm always bragging about her. She's going to beauty school and she is a natural at it. I thought about doing that myself, but I don't see myself as a natural. I kind of like to do things at an angle, lol. I can never get things straight. I think my float is off, lol. I swear, I have no sense of direction either. I used to get stuck in a corner of my room at night if the light was off. Lol!
Anyways, that's about it for the night. Time to clean up.


rondamarie said...

Your funny, I made my own blog page its I don't have much on it yet. I'll work on it tomorrow. Have a good lunch with Bobby, I'm having lunch with Dave tomorrow too. I like your blogs they make me laugh. Talk to you later. Ronda

rondamarie said...

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