Monday, June 30, 2008

Not sure what it was...

Parker had an all out fit at my Mom's house yesterday. He did not want to go in. When Bobby picked him up and took him in, he cried most of the time. He kept asking to leave and saying he didn't like it there. We went there so I could borrow my moms van for my appointment tomorrow. Here is what I'm thinking....

*Her house is by the mall and that's where he really wanted to go.
*He has a runny nose, maybe it's because he doesn't feel well.
*Maybe it's because we haven't been out all week and he wanted to do something fun.
*He could be afraid that her little dog will scratch him.

Who knows. I have to be honest that my Moms house is not the most exciting place. I've left some toys there but nothing he's that thrilled over. I'm worried about tomorrow because I have to run my Mom around and take Parker out of school early. What if he does this again? I feel bad for my Mom too. She just wants to make him happy and he really wants to just go go go.

I love my Mom but I always get stressed running her around. She's never happy on payday and is grumpy. I think Parker probably feels that too and my stress. Here's hoping it goes well.


Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you. I hope tomorrow goes better for you.


kristi said...

I hope the day goes okay for you. I try to plan things that will make TC happier before we go to the store or whatever....but sometimes it only makes him more hyper.