Friday, June 27, 2008

My kitchen, a tour.....

After looking at Julie's kitchen post, I wanted to do my own. I took these pictures this morning. Unfortunately my kitchen isn't as interesting as her, and I couldn't add numbers. I had to draw the numbers in. (crud, the numbers did show up)

Ok, here goes.

Here is what it looks like when you enter through the livingroom.
kitchen 7
The only thing interesting about this picture is the blue tub on the chair. That holds Parker's ABA binder and work.

Here is another view of the kichen, mostly the table and fridge. If you look around the fridge you can see our garbage can. How exciting. On the recycling bin I drew a cow and wrote, "recyling only". I don't think you can see that though. This is hard to post this and look back at the picture.

Kitchen 6

Here is a pic of the fridge and then sink. I really need to clean off the top of my fridge. It is a pet peave of mine but I have a hard time thinking of where to put everything. You can see our potatoes by the fridge. I always forget to use them and they just sit there. See my curtains, my sister made them for me. They have cows roming in a feild on them. It was so sweet of her, I love them.
kitchen 5

Here is the sink and the dirty dishes. You can also see our small fishtank that I just cleaned. Also you see my cookie cutters, tiny shopping cart and decorations over my sink. On the other counter is the container of brownies I just made.
kitchen 4

Here is the side counter. You can see a closer look at my brownies. You also get a better look at the dirty dishes. Boring....
kitchen 3

Here is a pic of the dishwasher, oven and bakers rack. Notice my clean/dirty cow magnet on the dishwasher. I never use it but I like it. See my cow teapot on the bakers rack?
kitchen 2

Here is the last picture. It shows the entry into the bathroom. I shows my lovely cow spot broom that I have. Everyone should have one. You also see my cow print plastic bag holder, more of a decoration than something useful. I always forget I have bags in there, lol.
kitchen 1


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for sharing your kitchen! I love it! It's so interesting to kind of get to know other people by seeing their homes.

I have a question because you mentioned Parker's ABA binder. Is that something just for school, or work you do at home with him? Or both?

Have a nice (remainder of the) weekend!

Bobbi said...

It's what he does at home with ABA therapists. (Applied behaviour analysis).

Bobbi said...

Ooops, I accidently hit send. He does it 4 days a week, 2 hours a day. Does Daniel do that at all?

Anonymous said...

No, Daniel doesn't get any of that. The doctor who diagnosed him highly recommended ABA therapy and said that he could get as much as possible...last year they did it in school. This past year they were just getting him ready for kindergarten. No ABA at all. I'm trying not to be angry and bitter and everything else. : / A friend of mine who has some great connections with people who work with Autistics gave me a number for a woman who wants to help us- I can't wait to call her tomorrow and see what we can do...or what pointers she has for me.

P.S. If you don't want to turn this post into an Autism discussion, feel free to email me instead.

Or not. It's up to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Great table!

Your cows...I'm chickens! :)

Great kitchen!


P.S I'll invite you to my private blog to show you my home. :)

cmdhdpeterson5 said...

We have a dining set identical to yours! How funny.