Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ahhh...the smell of taco meat in the morning..

Ewwwww! It is not good on my stomach. Parker however, thinks it's a wonderful smell. He is still on his taco meat kick. He did eat some pepperoni at pizza last night. That was great because for a while it was just taco meat. I am trying to give him something other than taco meat for lunches. He's going to have to eat one of the things he used to like. I have to ease him back into other foods. I tell him that this is what is for lunch and this is what he has to eat. So far, he hasn't eaten any of the 3 meals I have made him in the past 3 days but I'm still hoping. He's home with me again today. Since our van broke down, I can't get him to school. They are trying to work it out so that the bus can come to our door to pick him up. I think it will take them a few days to work it out. There is a chance they may be able to do it for summer school too. I am still praying for another vehicle. It's hard only having one, that I can't even drive. Molly is irritated about walking to school. It's only 4 blocks, I don't think it will kill her. Parker's school is a 25 minute drive away, so I don't think we could walk there, lol. I'm just going to have to keep thinking positive that somehow we will get another car.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get a car soon too! I wrote a note about ear muffs (for noise) in response to your comment on my blog- just letting you know. :) I wonder if seeing a menu for the day would help Parker. I'm thinking I should try that with Daniel. He's very selective about what he eats too, except it's NO meat. I sympathize with the smell of taco meat for breakfast. Ugh! Hang in there, you're doing great! Have a great day!

mommy~dearest said...

Keep us posted about how the eating goes! I'm always looking for ways to get Jaysen to eat something more than chicken nuggets and Cheese-its.

Hoping you get wheels soon too!