Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today is a beautiful day...

The sun is shining and my house is clean. I'm blogging from the library again. Nice and quiet as usual. Bobby is back to work, so that's good. I miss him though, I got used to him being home. This week Molly's hamster died. It was really sad for everyone. Molly cried and cried. We just loved that little guy. It broke my heart. She says she doesn't want any more hamsters because they don't live long enough. We looked at the pet store yesterday and she thinks she wants a hermit crab for her next pet. They are cheap, but once you get the cage, food, shells, etc. it costs more than you think. She may have to wait a little bit for one. Parker says he wants one too and wants to name it Orange. I thought that was cute.

Not much new with me, other than thinking about summer. Thinking about what the kids and I are going to do to keep ourselves busy and happy. I don't want a boring summer with no schedule or nothing to do. We are going to have to make a daily schedule and kind of stick to it to make our days more fun. I plan to do a lot with them outside. I think tonight we may plant our garden, so that gives us something to work on this summer.

Parker has been doing ok in school, not much new to report there. Molly is doing well and having a good time. That's about it for now. Everyone have a nice weekend.


Joanna said...

I'd be careful about choosing a hermit crab for a pet. They are much more trouble to care for than pet stores know (they only sell them), and end up being very expensive once you purchase the gauges (humidity, temp), heating mats, lamps, substrate (pet store calci sand is terrible for them), glass tank, etc, and then they can die for odd reasons. They are also nocturnal, so likely won't be active during the day for your children.
If you do want one, please research their care at sites like

Betsy said...

So sorry about the hamster! :(