Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today was a pretty nice day. Early in the day I played on the computer and did housework. Later, because Molly had a minimum day, I picked her up early. We went to the pet store to look around and then to the library. I took her to the pet store because we don't go to that one often because Parker doesn't like it. I thought it would be a nice thing for her.

Later we went with my Mom to the mall for something to do. We looked around some and let the kids play. They were pretty much maniacs half the time. Where did I go wrong, lol? It's like they get super hyper and can't stop talking.

Now I'm home and can finally relax. When we got home, dh was bowling, and I had a lot to do. I had to make Parker taco meat for tomorrow, change him, make his bed, help Molly with her homework and run her a shower. I'm beat. Now they are both in bed, I read to Parker and I have to take a shower. See, I'm rambling. Sorry it's so boring but nothing much is going on.

I'm excited because one of my ears finally unplugged. They have both been plugged for at least a week. I went to an autism support group last night and I had to keep saying, "What? what?" I totally feel for people who are hearing impaired. It is so hard. I've been totally annoyed with Molly lately because of it. She is always yelling to me from the other room and I can't hear her. Grrrr!

Now I can hear out of one ear. I'm still putting the new drops in so hopefully in a day or so the other ear will be unplugged. It's so nice to hear!

That's about it. Everyone have a nice day!

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