Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My kids are hilarious!

Molly had me cracking up today! I love torturing my kids!

Today while Parker was at school, I bought him a couple things at the thrift store. I got him a video, a few books and 2 sponge-bob toys. The total came to like 2.00 dollars. I couldn't find anything for Molly but decided to give her a dollar or something. Maybe nothing if she didn't find out. Hehe!

I was only going to give Parker a couple things each day so he would have something to look forward to. (Since starting a new class is hard) After we got home Parker wanted to watch his new movie. I didn't think Molly would notice so I thought I was in the clear. Later, when he wanted to watch it again, I accidentally said, "Do you like your new movie, you want to watch it again?" Molly heard and said, "What, he got a new movie, what did I get?" I said, Um, nothing". Then I thought it about it, I told her I had something for her. I said it was dumb, but it was either that or a dollar. You should have seen her face when I showed her the sponge-bob burger king toy. She was laughing and said she didn't want it but I owed her something. Yeah right!

It was just so hilarious how she knows if Parker gets something new. She almost investigates it. It was also hilarious about the way she complained about not getting anything. (I guess you had to be there, lol) I think I'm going to start taking lessons from the parents on Malcolm in the middle and Still standing.

I'm turning evil in my old age. Hehe.


Sandi said...

You gotta love the "fairness doctrine" that kids automatically have. My three are identical!

kristi said...

Sara will ask "Well how much did THAT cost?" when I buy TC something.