Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I feel cruddy today

Why does it have to be vacation, lol? My throat hurts and so does my head. I hate being sick!

No one slept that well last night. I heard Parker and he was pretty restless. Molly also said she woke up at 2am. I woke up a bunch of times too because I felt awful. Then the stupid cat started meowing because she wanted to be petted or wanted a drink out of the toilet, nice huh. I can't keep her away from the toilet. Stupid cat! She is so picky about everything. Its funny she'd rather have the toilet than the water dish that we clean every day. I'm getting the spray bottle out tonight.

One of my goals is to organize Parker's room to give him more room on his side. Here's hoping I feel like it.

Does anyone watch "Big Love"? It is such a good show. I am so excited about watching the next one. Wow!

Yesterday at my Mom's birthday party, she asked Parker for a hug. He hugged her so hard she fell back and couldn't get up until I got him off of her. It was funny because she was OK, but poor Mom. Parker is very strong.


kristi said...

We didn't sleep well either! Hope you get Parkers room figured out!

Betsy said...

All these cupcakes are making me hungry!

Feel better!