Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brrrr...it is cold today! Yikes!

It's one of those colds where you don't even want to get out of your car. It was 38 degrees this morning. With all this cold, I wish it would snow. I've been doing dishes to keep my hands warm. My house is warm but my hands are cold.

My house smells like bleach right now because I've been cleaning my bathroom ceiling with a mop, covered with a dishtowel that is soaked in bleach. Why does mold like my house! I had to move the hamster into the kids room for now so the bleach won't hurt him.

My stupid ears are still plugged. I am going to the dr. soon, I swear.

Yesterday my neice came over and fixed Parker's hair. I cut it but made a mess of it. I hurried because he was wiggling all over the place and upset. I even messed up the side burns. It doesn't look so bad now that she fixed it, but the sideburns will just have to grow out. I shouldn't have cut it myself but his long hair was driving me crazy.

Molly went back to school today. She's been sick all weekend. She begged for me to keep Parker home with her yesterday. What fun for me. I thought he was warm when he woke up but I don't think he really was. They are both fine today.

It's so nice having a quiet house. I might make valentines cupcakes today. I got some valentines candy to put on the top. They should be cute. Yesterday when Parker and I went to Safeway, he wanted a cookie. They gave him one but they were very busy. It was a frosted valentines one with sprinkles. It's not the kind he would normally eat but he was trying it. He kept licking it and it finally broke. He got really mad and threw it into the cart. I took it out and was going to throw it away. He grabbed it from me and crumbled it into peices. He was really upset that the cookie broke. I couldn't go back and ask them for another one since they were busy. I made him help me find a garbage and throw the cookie away. I wasn't very happy with him but I knew he was upset. I promised that I would make him some cupcakes. I guess I better do it now.

Everyone have a nice day!

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