Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No coat!

Parker isn't transitioning into wearing a coat again. He will only wear sweatshirts and they have to be certain sweatshirts. I had to go through 3 this morning before I finally found one he would wear. He always has trouble with clothes transitions when the weather changes. Hopefully he will get used to it soon and it won't become a problem. Molly wouldn't wear a coat either this morning. I swear, it has to be snowing before they want coats. Coats make me feel comfortable and secure. I'd wear a coat everyday if the weather permitted. I have tons of coats. Right now my favoite is a blue zip up sweat jacket. I love buying new coats almost as much as shoes!


lonestar818 said...

My guys are the same way, fortunately it isn't coat weather here yet. They are the same way with pants... every year it is a big transition trying to get them to start wearing pants when it gets too cold for shorts. For that matter, dh wears shorts most of the winter too, it practically has to be a blizzard before he'll wear pants.

Marshella said...

Deklan is opposite. He has a hard time when it gets warm. He'll wear long sleeves and sweatshirts all year round - even 100 degree weather. Sometimes in the house he even walks around with his coat on. Kind of funny actually.

Julie said...

Aw! I hope it's not too long until he'll wear a coat! Daniel has been picky about his shoes. I bought him some sneakers and made him wear them instead of only his Crocs...then he would only wear the sneakers. But he took them off when we got in the car, when we got wherever we were going, when we got back in the car, etc. and it was a pain to tie them again. We had issues finding a pair that he would wear or I would have gotten velcro. he wanted to wear his slippers. So he went to therapy in pajamas and slippers. haha! Whatever!