Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My random thoughts at college today.

I think a lot at school because my mouth is quiet, lol.

I think about the fact that....
-The guy in the guidance lab is crunching his chips waaaay too loud.
-My phone is pretty, pink with red cherries.
-There is a sock in the parking space next to my car. I hope no one thinks it's mine and I kick it farther away from my car. A few minutes later a lady walks by my car and asks if I lost a sock. Sure, I just throw random socks out the window.
-Lots of people have cool backpacks.
-I wish I smoked so I could be more social. The smokers look like they are having a good time, lol.
-The college is really spread out and I am tired, huff puff.
-The college is really pretty. Lots of Redwoods and greenery.
-There are mosquito's everywhere and I think I can feel West Nile Virus coming on.

In Psych. class I think....

-That the girl in front of me has cool nail polish. It's light blue, and I want some.
-The fact that I hate my handwriting.
-When we learn about Freud and his stages, I think something must have gone wrong in potty training with me, lol. I love bathroom humor. I better ask my mom.
-That I can't wait to leave and get back to my kids.
-That there is an androgynous person in the class and I never catch his/her name to see if he/she is a she or a he.
-That the teacher always changes the overhead just as I'm about to finish copying it.
-That it's strange that the teacher is older and has a 2 year old.
-I wonder what she is thinking about me.
-I hope my underwear arn't sticking out the back of my pants and showing. (Hence why I kept pulling my shirt down)

Now don't run away when you read what I think about all day. There is more, but then you might really think I was looney, lol. Just kidding, or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Hilarious! I don't think you're loony- you're being honest. Or maybe I'm loony too!!

Anonymous said...

Now I can see why we're cousins :-).