Monday, May 12, 2008

What to do?

When your kids are having trouble with someone at school? As a Mom, I would love to just fix everything for Molly, but I know I can't. What do you do when your kids are having trouble with someone who just won't let up? Molly is having that trouble right now and I don't know what to tell her. I've told her to just walk away, when she does the girl says, "All you do is walk away, you baby". The weird part is, the girl is less popular and kind of weird. She was the one with no friends and Molly be-friended her. Now Molly wants to play with other kids and the friend is getting really upset and mean about it. Any suggestions? It's upsetting Molly so much that she wants to be homeschooled the rest of the year. She just can't win with this girl. This girl is even turning other kids against her. I know things like this make her stronger if she can deal with it, but it's so hard as a Mom to just stand by and watch it happen. I'm talking to the principal today because Molly is just not happy. Who know's if she can help because this girl will just lie and say everything was Molly's fault. She only has a couple more weeks of school, so that's good.


kristi said...

Oh, I have dealt with my share of girl drama this year......and Sara has come home in tears many, many times. All you can do is try to reassure her and tell her not to let it get to her, but it is easier said than done.


Casdok said...

Hope you got some joy with the principle.
Difficult one.

Bobbi said...

It didn't help much. She seemed to think that all 3 girls had strong personalities and just needed to find a 4th friend. She told them to all be friends and considerate of each other. They were ok as of yesterday. Here's hoping they are still getting along. I don't like the one girl, but at least there wouldn't be any fighting. She just has to make it till summer starts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that. That's a tough one...and I don't have any answers. I hope you find them. Tell your girl to hang in there!