Tuesday, May 20, 2008


That's the only title I could come up with this morning. My throat hurts a little today. I'm thinking it might be from coughing though. I have this weird cough. I don't have anything planned today. I guess cleaning is on the agenda. How does my house keep getting messy, lol. It's so nice to clean when the kids are in school. No one to go behind you and make another mess. I was supposed to look at house today, but decided not too. It's really more than we want to pay. We have a lead on another house that someone we know recommended to us. Please pray it works out. I'd love to move soon. I'm actually really excited about being closer to everything. I'm even excited to go through our stuff and weed out all the stuff we don't need. We have way too much stuff. Parker has a closet stacked to the top. His closet will be the worst but most satisfying. I just have to make sure I don't throw anything away that he loves. I think if he hasn't seen it this long, he should forget it. Well, I better get the kids ready for school.

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