Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My cat Jack is pushing his limits.

He's always liked people food. My other 2 cats don't like it. The only people food they will touch is tuna. Jack will eat almost anything. When he was tiny it was kind of funny to feed him and see how much he liked people food. It's not funny anymore. Yesterday he reached an all time low. Parker was sitting at the table, eating lunch, when I heard him say, "Jack's eating my food". What! I looked and Jack was on the table, eating out of Parker's bowl! I yelled to Parker to push him off the table. He didn't want to, he enjoyed having a buddy to eat with. I had to get up and get the cat down. Jack got a good scolding and Parker didn't like it. He was lucky it was me home and not Bobby. He would have thrown him outside for the rest of the day. Now that is one brave cat. I better not see that again! The gall of some cats! This is even worse than the time Pepper decided to use warm cupcakes as a napping spot. She is very lucky that they were extras!

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Anonymous said...

haha! I know it's not funny, but I was thinking something along the same lines today... only it was about my dog. I was busy, so I put the small garbage bad (tied) just outside the kitchen door with the intention of bringing out to the trash can later. I let the dog out on the porch and found her later...eating it. She's never done that before! There wasn't FOOD in there, it was q-tips and pull-ups and things. UGH!

mommy~dearest said...

Extra cupcakes??? Is there such a thing?

Ugh- our cat is an in-your-facer too. He'll dip his paw into your glass for a drink. Kitty paw water...yum.

Looks like yoou may want to set a place for Jack at the table! ;)

Bobbi said...

Yeah right, lol. Our cat Daisy is a cup dipper. I have to set my glass up in the morning or she will be drinking out of it. I swear, her water bowl has to be just pristine.