Thursday, May 15, 2008

procrastinator, school bus, and shorts....

The first thing that got me thinking this morning is that I hate that I'm a procrastinator. I put things off as long as I can. I have paperwork to fill out for Parker's summer school. Have I done it yet? No, it's in a pile on my desk that I haven't gotten too. Why can't I do things right away? I don't like that about myself. Now, the school bus. Parker doesn't really like riding the school bus. Today he looked scared and said he didn't want to ride it. I told him he would be ok, and he reluctantly got on. If only he knew how much it pulls at my heart. It kills me to think he is stuck on that bus when he is scared. If the school wasn't a half hour away, I would take him today. I know he has to get used to things, but it is so hard on me. I wish I could keep him from every fear or every hurt. I know it's not healthy, but that's the way I feel. Now, on to the shorts. Parker has a hard time every season when we change the types of clothes we wear. It takes him forever to get used to shorts and tank tops. Oh, and let's not forget sunscream. I mean sun screen, lol. He refused to wear shorts yesterday. When he got home he was sweating and hot. He put them on finally. This morning I got a pair on him without him really noticing. It's 8:30 in the morning today and already 76 degrees out. Then came the sunscreen. He whined the whole time. Then he said he was wet. I assured him he would dry soon but he didn't look like he believed me. Then we had to brush his hair and teeth. He hates brushing his teeth. I don't know why, but it's always a struggle. Now, maybe later, we will work on tank tops.
This morning, as I was getting clothes out for Molly, I went through her dresser. I swear, half her shirts didn't fit her anymore. I have a huge pile of clothes sitting on a chair. Oh well, just another excuse to shop I guess, lol.

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kristi said...

I have to hold TC down to brush his teeth. He weighs 64 is not easy.