Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wow, it's July

It seems like yesterday it was June 1st. How wierd is that. I'm kind of missing school being in, I hate to say it. We are enjoying summer, but it's a lot of work. No, I take that back, I miss some things about school. Summer is nice, I love being around the kids and doing things they like to do. Today Molly, Macey and I sat on the porch and talked. We played with the watering can some. We filled the bird bath and let Macey put her feet in. It was really cute. Molly made a hop skotch out front and decorated our wooden bear for 4th of July. Parker was inside on the computer, the party pooper.

Earlier I went grocery shopping with all 3 kids. The store I go to has these nice new big shopping carts with seats for 2 kids. Molly and Parker rode in the seats and Macey was in the front of the cart. Silly kids. They are too big for that stuff but they still love it. It got hard to push after a while and I had to kick Molly out. We have to drive out of town just to buy the kind of sasauge Parker eats. It's one kind and it has to be beef. They don't have it in our town or the next town over. Its' one of his main staples so it has to be done.

All of the kids were really good at the store and well contained. Even Macey didn't make a peep. Then both kids helped load up the groceries and bag them. Molly didn't want Parker to help, but I let him and gave him easy jobs to do. She was afraid he would put bread in with something hard or something. Funny girl. She worries too much. Afterwards, on the way out, Molly had some change and tried the toy machine. She won a whoopie cushion. She put in on Parkers seat and he laughed and laughed. I had to listen to farting noises for quite a while. I was fine with it though, I love to hear them so happy and playing together. Macey sure looked surprised at all the noise though, lol.

I have a couple pictures to post, as usual. Tomorrow we are going to a 4th of July parade and then to my sisters in-laws for a bbq. I'll have to take lots of pictures. Molly and I are going to make a desert to take. I have a hard time with the 4th becuase of Parker's sensativities to the noise of the fireworks. I can't keep Macey out late either. I think I'll go home with Parker and Macey about 8 and let Bobby stay with Molly. I think we can see some pretty good one from our house anyways. Parker gets better with them every year, who knows, this year he might like them. I know he likes to do sparklers.

Everyone have a great 4th. I am so thankful for my wonderful family. Someone whose name is the name of a purple flower is especially special to us!

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