Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update again....

I've been meaning to get on here and update but I have been super busy with the baby. She is one of those babys who doesn't like to be put down, lol. She is my angel, don't get me wrong, I just wish she would pick up a hobby, like watching tv, lol. Just kidding. I kind of threw out the rule book with this baby and instead of making it easier, it's harder in the long run.

I guess you do what you have to do to make things work. Parker didn't like her crying so I didn't really let her cry much. Now I have a little angel that has to nap in our arms and sleep with us. Oh well, I guess they are only little once. This is my last one and I have to spoil her. I love holding her so much. We are working on having her nap in her crib a little. We need to get more consistant with it. We want to work up to her sleeping in it at night too.

She has a new tooth poking through. We all got so excited about it! She is just the most precious thing. I feel bad for her though, I can tell it's hurting her.

I'm going stir crazy without a car right now. We've been taking a lot of walks. Hopefully this week or next we'll get it fixed.

Parker is doing well but not like the countdown to school. I have to say that I'm dreading it a lot myself. I don't like it when he's unhappy.

Molly is going to camp this weekend. She is really excited. Sometimes she gets nervous and thinks about not going but I know she really wants to. It's a girls camp and they do alot of fun stuff.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately when I can sneak the time. Mostly it's when she is napping or when I can't sleep. I get addicted to a book and then can hardly put it down. Molly's becoming quite the bookworm herself. Today I made her watch "Pollyanna" with me. That was my favorite movie as a kid. She ended up liking it but didn't think she would. Funny girl.

Well, that's about it. Nothing too exiting to post. Just hanging in there during some rough times at the moment. It always gets better though and you always learn something. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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kristi said...

The baby is growing! So are the other two!