Monday, May 14, 2012

I am such a good Mom! Lol

I am such a good Mom, lol. This morning we were running late. I was hurrying around and hoped Bobby had taken the garbadge down to the curb. I get everyone outside and open the van door. I see the garbage is still in the garage and I start grumbling. I open the garage and ask Molly to help Macey in the van. I drag the garbadge down to the curb and hurry and shut the garage door. I lock it and then turn around to ask Molly if she helped Macey in. All of a sudden I hear, "Get me out of here!!!" I had locked Macey in the garage! I hope she isn't scarred for life, lol. Molly thought it was pretty funny, so much for her helping me. .. .

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kristi said...

LOL it happens!