Friday, October 1, 2010

I don't think I like this....

I thought I would like Macey sleeping in her own bed but it is making me sad. She slept through the night in her crib last night also. I feel like this is just the begining of her getting older and not needing me as much. I know this is irrational but I get sad when I get in bed and she's not there. On the one hand I'm happy, I know we all sleep better, Bobby's happy and we get some free time. On the other hand she's slept in our arms for most of her naps and next to us in bed at night for almost 9 months. It's hard to quit that cold turkey.

I started reading a book about getting baby's to sleep because I wanted her to at least sleep in her crib for naps. I figured it would take a long time. It was way more quick that I imagined. It only took a week or so. Now she is even on a scedule for naps. Now I feel guilty when I'm out with her and I know it's her nap time. I even feel guilty that I didn't have her on a scedule before. I can't win. She is so easy to lay down to sleep. I give her her bottle, read her a story and then lay her in her crib. I turn on her mobile, tuck her in and give her her soft toy. I tell her night night and then walk out. 5 minutes later I check on her and almost every time she is asleep. It's like she wanted to sleep alone, and she wanted a schedule. It is so weird. Maybe that's why it's making me so sad. Maybe I needed more transition, lol.

I had to start laying her down because she was having a hard time falling asleep when we held her all of a sudden. She's even been wanting to drink her bottle sitting up half the time.

I guess I know this is best for all of us. I just need to tell it to my heart. The part of me that wants to hold her all the time and keep her as my little baby.

The kids are even happy about this. We have more time for them and we can stay up and play games again. I can get more housework done so I'm not doing it while they are home all the time.

Sigh.......I guess I just need to get over it.

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kristi said...

LOL, I would have loved this if my babies were so independent!