Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Busy week

This is going to be such a busy couple of days for me. I'm getting stressed out just thinking about it. Molly's birthday party is on Saturday and I have to get my house cleaned, stuff bought and yard done. I also have to make sure the kids have all there school stuff. They start on Monday. I still need to find Parker pants somewhere. He only wears sweats or cotton track pants. No one is selling sweats right now that I can find. The Childrens place has some but they are pretty pricey. I'm going to check Kohls this week. Molly seems to have enough clothes. I still have to get her some more school supplies though.

This week is even tougher because Macey does not want me out of her sight. The minute I try and do something, when Bobby's not home, she starts crying. I can only set her down for about 10 or 15 minutes anymore. That makes getting housework and stuff done pretty hard. I'mm going to have to work on letting her cry a little more once Parker goes back to school.

On the plus side Bobby fixed the fence in the backyard. No more sheep visitors. We are trying to pick up all the sheep poop before her party, ew. Tomorrow he's going to borrow the neighbors power sprayer and spray off the house so it looks nice. I swear, next year I'm having Molly's party somewhere else.

I'm just going to have to take on thing at a time and try and enjoy these last days of summer. I'm trying to get Parker prepared to get back to school. That's hard. My poor little guy. He usually thinks of school as tourture. Here's hoping this year goes well for him. I wish I could take away every worry or fear and just keep him happy all the time. I guess God didn't give me that power. I just have to be there for him and be his advocate. Sigh, life is hard sometimes. At least I have a wonderful husband to help me with everything. He is definately my rock.

Molly, Macey and I have started going to a new church. It's here in Ferndale and the people there are really nice. It's nice to go to a small church where you can actually get to know the pastor. I am still going to go to the bigger church when I can, but this oneis in town and it's easier for me to go every week. Now if I can just get Parker interested in going.

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