Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm sitting here at 10 pm typing this blog. Bobby is asleep in the chair with the baby, Parker is sleeping and Molly is at her cousins house. Peace and quiet! I got some time on the internet and I'm taking it. I've had some really nice days lately. The weather has been good and I've been working on the house and making more hair things. The kids are almost out of school. I don't know weather to be happy or dread it. I think it's a mixture of both.

I want to work with Parker this summer, having like a mini home school. I want to work on him learning his site words more and working on writing and safety. He's been demonstrating lately that safety is something we have to work on. Running in parking lots, touching strange dogs and even touching strange people, lol.

Bobby goes back to work on Monday. I'm happy and sad. I loved having him around but I know we need the money. Bummer part is he made a mistake on his unemployment and it's going to set us back. He checked that he was not looking for work and I guess they wanted him to check that he was looking for work. Why would he look for work when he was just laid off temporarilly. I guess he has a phone interview next week that will fix things. Phew.

Macey is growing like a weed and is so much fun. I love waking up to that adorable smile. I'd kind of like to wake up to it from across the room but we haven't gotten her out of our bed yet, lol. It's a work in progress.

Sigh..tomorrow is Sunday, another day with Bobby before he goes back to work. Oh well, I'll enjoy tomorrow.

Everyone have a nice weekend.

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