Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful rain

It's raining today and it's so nice. Macey is sleeping and the other 2 kids are at school. I just had coffee and a donut. Ahhhhhh. I feel like making bread or baking something. I should be looking over books and laws for my sons upcoming IEP. He is almost 10 and isn't reading yet. I'm proposing that he gets a one on one aid to help him learn to read. He is falling further and further behind his grade level and reading is the only way he can start catching up. Better get started. I just wanted to get on here and give my blog a new look. I hope everyones Monday is going great.


kristi said...

TC can read some sight words, but I think they didn't really know what they were doing at his last school.

Bobbi said...

Parker can read some sight words too. I don't know if they arn't teaching him well or it's just super hard for him. Good luck TC.

iffatali said...

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