Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some new issues

Lately Parker has been more stubborn and upset than usual. Not a lot, but some for sure. Maybe it's because school is out, maybe it's he's not getting enough time away from his sister or maybe it's because he needs more sleep or is maturing some. I just don't know. He has been quicker to anger and quicker to say no to us. Lately when we've told him to do something he doesn't want to do, if he's in any kind of bad mood he'll say no and stand his ground. Sometimes we need to be more patient with him and say things a different way. I really think we are keeping him up to late because it's mostly at night when it happens. Sometimes he'll refuse to brush his teeth or get angry if the wrong person is reading to him at night. One night I told him we needed to change his underwear because I thought they were dirty. He insisted they weren't and would not take them off. I could see that they were and told him he had to. He said no for a long time. Finally he did it but he was mad and said he wanted to hit me. Poor guy. He seems happy most of the time at home. I'm going to try getting him to bed earlier and spending more one on one time with him and see if that helps. I'm also going to talk to his behaviorists on how I should handle it when he says no. Today I bought him some new books and he was really happy. I read them all to him tonight and he told me to come visit him in a little while. I'm really thinking he needs a little extra attention right now. Well, I guess I'll end this post. Someone needs visiting. :)

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