Friday, July 20, 2012

Firefighter games

Yesterday Parker and I went to a neighboring town to watch the, "Firefighter games". The firefightes from the county come and have races and relays. Since Parker's obsession is firefighters, we had to go. Now of course I wasn't sure of what Parker's expectations were. I assumed he thought he would get to talk to lots of them and have a great time. I hoped they would have more time for him this year. Last year most of them were so busy they didn't have time to talk. I warned him ahead of time that they might be busy a lot but that we would still have fun. We talked about what he would say and how he could just say Hi instead of just blurting out a bunch of random questions. Lucky enough right away he met a really nice firefighter that talked to him for a while. His wife was an office lady at his old school. They were so nice to him and he had a great time. When he is really happy he hops up and down and kind of snaps his fingers. He was doing that yesterday. He was in heaven. We watched the games, walked around to stalk firefighters and talked about what they were doing a whole bunch. We didn't stay for all of it, which I felt bad about. We stayed for an hour but I was getting tired. He got to talk to at least one person from each firestation so he was happy. When we were leaving we ran into a nice firefighter that let him get in the truck. He was a content boy. We didn't bring the other kids with us, this was just a Parker and I thing. He needs that sometimes. All in all I was happy about how things went and it did live up to his expectations.

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